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Wine – Oh How I Love Thee, Let me Count the Ways

1. You’re a dependable reward for a tough day.

2. You’re a dependable reward for a good day. (see how that works!)

3. You can help me lose weight (depends on what you read) I choose to read the articles that support this. Resveratol can enhance exercise training and performance. I’ll take it…

4. You freshen my breath by reducing bad bacteria found in my mouth

5. You help my heart with your antioxidants.

6. You reduce my cholesterol by raising my good HDL.

7. You help support strong bones with your estrogen boosting alcohol.

8. You help me stay younger by reducing my free radicals (and keeping me mellow)

9. You support good circulation by helping to expand my blood vessels.

10. Last but not least, You make me think I’m funny and that I can dance thereby, bringing joy and amusement to those around me.

Share your favorite wine below in the comments!

  • Vanessa Groening
    October 20, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Couldn’t agree more!

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