Candy Consumption: How To Slow Your Tootsie Roll

Over 600 million pounds of candy is purchased in the United States for Halloween.

With that said, the real kickoff to the holiday weight gain season is Halloween. There are temptations everywhere starting as early as September. Candy bowls come out at banks and doctors offices, one year I even partook in some chocolate at my kid’s orthodontist office. You would think being closely linked to dentistry they would abstain??

However, there are ways to avoid this pitfall. Now, if you are a domestic goddess of the first order and you can make healthy snacks from scratch and dole them out to the adorable little beggars that come knocking on your door, GOOD FOR YOU. Think mandarin oranges dressed up like a pumpkin?

As healthy and creative as these may be, you will run into some parents who do not take kindly to offering non-wrapped and possibly poisoned treats. You could also opt for the less traditional non-edible treat, say a small toy or sticker.

Of course both of these options are riddled with peril, as you will probably end up the recipient of either eggs or toilet paper covering your home. If you are like most of us and are not a domestic goddess begging for a good egging then there are a few things you can do to slow your tootsie roll come Halloween time.

1. Buy Candy You Don’t Like – This usually works somewhat for me, I pick less but after a couple glasses of wine even a Butterfinger looks inviting.

2. Donate – I love this one because it not only gets the candy out of the house but it’s teaching the kids to be charitable. There are a few ways to do this, google donate halloween candy and choose the best option for you.

3. Let the kids have their fill Halloween night and toss the rest – This doesn’t always go over well!

4. Give your kid a small receptacle not a pillowcase! – This is a no brainer, pillowcases hold way to much candy, keep it small and simple.

5. Don’t give out candy – Turn the lights off and hide in the bedroom? Be “that” house? It’s a thought, but then you are back to the egging and toilet papering possibility, and who wants to be a Halloween party pooper.

6. Look up calorie content of the candy – This can be a real eye opener. You don’t realize the fun size snickers you are sampling contain 80 calories in each piece! Not so fun anymore right?

If you do decide to go the non candy route has some fun ideas for candy alternative handouts. Click here for link.

Whatever route you decide to take, the most important thing is to make it fun for the kids and for yourself too. Maybe eat a snickers and smile, life is short.

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