5 Reasons Sucking at Snowboarding is Good Exercise

Mammoth Mountain is officially open for ski season. For me, this means the beginning of ski widow season.

My husband is a ski junkie, and needs his fix. Whenever the ski gods bestow his beloved mountain with fresh powder, he’s a goner. I’m not a ski junkie, but I love my husband, and I promised in my wedding vows to love, cherish and ski. By the way, that’s not a joke. 

I have spent the last 10 years sucking at skiing and hating every minute of it. Last year I decided to try my hand at sucking at snowboarding. I figured if I’m going to be miserable, I might as well do it in comfortable boots. The thing is, I’m not miserable, I actually don’t hate snowboarding. Shocker! Now I said I don’t hate it, but I still suck. There is an upside though.

Sucking at snowboarding is good exercise, and here’s why.

  1.  I am so freaking scared when I get on the chair lift my adrenaline starts pumping, which I’m sure is burning more calories than if I was relaxed.
  2. It’s a workout just getting through the lift line. I’m very bad at maneuvering with a giant board hooked to my foot. Because of this I have to use every muscle in my body to stay upright.
  3. Let’s talk about falling – if you suck at snowboarding, you fall, ALOT. And every time you fall, guess what you have to do? Get back up again. That is a workout in itself. My abs get so sore from trying to right myself, not to mention my ass from falling on it.
  4. Even if you suck, you still get some actual snowboarding done. And this my friends, is GREAT exercise. When I’m actually upright and going downhill, my legs are burning, my heart is racing and calories are being burnt!
  5.  The last reason sucking at snowboarding is good exercise is – when you get good and frustrated and rip the snowboard off, it’s a long walk down the hill.

Happy Ski Season!

Photo by Naomi Hutchinson on Unsplash

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