Best Protein Shaker Bottle 2018

When I was asked to sample this protein shaker bottle for my blog, I was a bit skeptical. I have tried a few different shake mixing systems, and they seem to be generally all the same. You put your liquid and powder in and shake, not to complicated. However, often times I was left with a a shake that was lumpy and not completely mixed.

Enter the PROMIXX. This is an awesome product and the Best Shaker Bottle, here’s why.

1. Portability – You can take the PROMIXX with you everywhere, your entire shake system is contained in a unit that fits in your cup holder. There is a cup included, which they call the nurtripod, to hold your shake mix. This cup is contained under the lid and is easily removed.

2. Superior mixing ability – The PROMIXX vortex technology creates a system that effortlessly mixes even the most stubborn ingredients, giving you a smooth and lump free texture. For this reason, this shake mixer stands out amongst the rest.

3. Rechargeable Battery option – There are models for a little less that run on batteries, however I would opt for the rechargeable version. It is a detachable, high torque lithium-Ion battery powered motor. This is a premium electric shake mixer.

You can even purchase a Portable Micro USB Keychain Charging Cable so you always have power with you.

4. Easy to clean design – The sports cap spout is perfect to drink from, and easy to clean, no messy straws or complicated tops.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a mixer that works as well on the go, as it does at home. You will love this protein shake mixer for many reasons!  I drink my shakes at home and I’ve been using the PROMIXX daily. Previously I used a blender, this shaker cup is so much faster and easier to clean.

Check it out!

Have you tried this protein shaker? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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