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The Naked Cafe

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is The Naked Cafe. No, get your mind of the gutter, this isn’t like that crazy new place in London where people dine sans clothing. THAT does not sound appealing to me. This place is called The Naked Cafe because the recipes are simple, clean and natural.

The owners of The Naked Cafe believe in living a healthy lifestyle, and that a nutritious diet is one of the most important aspects of doing so. They have created a delicious menu, balancing whole grains, fresh produce and amazing flavors.

My absolute favorite dish is the crispy vegetarian sausage burritos. They are filled with vegan sausage, grilled jalapenos, avocado and egg whites. The flavor is outstanding.

Not only is it delicious, it’s under 600 calories for the entire meal! In the “Look Good Naked” portion of the menu, you will find many other options under 600 calories.

Then there’s these…

Clearly not on the Look Good Naked portion of the menu, but definitely worth every calorie. I love that there’s something for everyone. My kids can enjoy some delicious pancakes, and I can stick to my healthy diet, most of the time. I’ll admit, it’s hard to resist those pancakes.

There are 4 locations to choose from, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Point Loma.

Check it out for Sunday brunch today!

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