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Best gym in San Diego

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    Best Gym in San Diego

    Fit Athletic in beautiful Solana Beach is the gym that I belong to. You couldn’t ask for a nicer gym in a better location. Fit Athletic is by far the best gym in San Diego. They have five locations throughout the city, and each one serves the community it’s located in to a tee. The Solana Beach location in my humble opinion is the best because of this…

    Yep, those are located right behind the gym! View is not to shabby for a good sweat sesh.

    Recently, I had the pleasure of being trained by Fit’s newest personal trainer, Landon Bergenthal. I was not only impressed with his skills, I was super sore the next day! For me being sore is awesome, it rarely happens, and it makes me feel like I worked my body hard.

    Landon has extensive experience in the practice of yoga, and incorporates breathing techniques that helped me with my endurance. He also has experience with MMA, which means he knew how to kick my butt!

    Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, he’s a beast!

    His specialties include: Fat loss, muscle gain, boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga and behavioral change.

    Check out the Fit Athletic website for more information on Landon and get a free trial session, you won’t be sorry. Well maybe you will the next day because you’re so sore, but after that….