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    7 Things You Absolutely Should be Doing For the Environment

    There are big things we know we can do for the environment, drive a hybrid, use low flow toilets, fill our recycling bins each week. But what about little things, that when added up, can make a big difference. Here are some ideas for simple yet impactful ways to help our planet.

    1. Don’t use balloons. Ever. 

    They are dangerous to wildlife and can take up to 4 years to decompose. Animals mistake them for food and can’t digest them. This can cause serious health problems or death. Balloons can travel great distances and end up as trash collecting in our oceans. We don’t NEED balloons. Come up with creative, and less destructive decorations for your next party.

    2. Use paper towels sparingly.

    Paper towels are convenient, and great for cleaning up just about any mess. But remember, paper towels are made of paper! Paper comes from trees. Not only are  trees used to make paper towels, 100 million trees per year, water is needed too, 130 billion gallons. Those number are staggering, and hopefully will make you think twice on your next trip to Costco. Try swapping for sponges. Have one sponge for dishes and one for the counters. Toss them in your dish washer every few days to clean.

    3. Don’t forget your bags!

    By now we know, we’re supposed to bring our reusable bags to the grocery store, yet I still see many people who don’t. They pay 10 cents for a paper bag that is recyclable, but it’s still made of…you guessed it, paper! Think of how many trees you could save if you brought your reusable bags EVERY time.

    4. Buy a good water bottle for every member of the family.

    For the love of God, please stop buying water in plastic bottles. They are the worst. Even though they are recyclable, it takes tons of energy to recycle them, and there are so many, that often times they don’t get recycled. Our oceans are filled with these bottles. It’s a simple thing you can do to make a major impact.

    5. Turn your water off.

    Do you know how much water you could save by turning of the faucet while you brush your teeth? A LOT. How about when you are shampooing, conditioning or washing your hands. A LOT. This is no brainer people, water is a finite resource, imagine what life would be without it.

    6. Don’t use straws.

    It’s not a well known fact that straws are damaging to the environment. Most straws are made with BPA and cannot be recycled. They are a one time use item, but will be on the planet forever. Have you ever noticed they don’t allow straws in a lot of zoos? That’s because they are dangerous to animals. Animals think it’s food and when ingested can cause suffocation, perforation of intestines and other horrific maladies. Is a straw really that important to you?

    7. If it’s yellow, let it mellow

    Don’t flush if it’s number one, especially you dudes! Now if you’re having company or there’s a large collection of toilet paper, that’s a different story. Just do your best, it makes a huge difference!

    I hope you will read this and try to implement these small changes in your lives. Just imagine, if we all did this, we might just leave a little something for our great grandkids.

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    Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash